Thusberg is a visual artist taking her inspiration from travel and nature. During her journey, Hayley has not only had the opportunity to explore the world but has also helped her discover herself as an artist. Hayley portrays the Australian landscape from her time living in the Whitsundays to her south coast lifestyle.

​People are naturally drawn to not only Hayley’s calm, whimsical style but her actual energy and personable character.  Her work truly mimics her femininity, aura and attraction to the natural world. she uses rich pigments to project her image from a distance as if you were looking down from a sea plane, her work is organic, visually pleasing and empowering. 
Hayley’s work engages you with the depth of colour used which draws the eye’s focus into another dimension.
Predominately, Hayley works with watercolour and ink using a delicate touch to create an organic flow of our earth from above. she likes to experiment with textiles and other mediums and finds the experimenting exciting, relaxing and important for her development and growth as an artist. The experience of trying new things draws Hayley into a form of mediation, which she finds inspirational.
Currently Hayley is based at the Timber Mills Studio located in Bulli, NSW. She has established her roots in the Illawarra community through participation with local fundraisers and various gallery spaces. Her greatest achievement thus far was being chosen by Global Gallery to exhibit her work at - The Other Art Fair in Hong Kong and New York City