The Air we Breath

A poem from me to you..
When you read this i want you to visualise the words.
There are a lot of things that are out of my control at the moment so instead I'm going to let them uplift me to my highest ranking. I'm going to stand tall, shake off the shivers and take the deepest of breaths with the air that surrounds me and thank our trees for the most precious gift of all, the air we breath. As i exhale and hear my breath talk in silence to my ears I return the gift back to mother nature and watch the trees soak in the air we now don't need. See life is simple, it is made simple, we are all placed here for each other you, me, the trees and the sea. though our sea and the trees are the only ones sticking to the script. If we didn't need to breath the oxygen they bleed then mother earth would be in even more distress. Why cant majority of us out there live to these simple rules? Why? because we become too greedy, make no time to need and only too receive. Lets keep life simple and next time you take your next breath look around you and thank your trees