Earth Bound

I'm not really someone who believes in a god above, I believe in what science has proven and that it is no god that has created us but the earth that we walk on.

It is here our world started, it is our earth that created us and evolution is where we were born. It is the ground we walk on the trees that surround us, the animals that walk on the same soil and the oceans that grace us with its presence that we need to thank and be grateful too.

This is why we need to respect our planet respect our creator as she is the one that gave birth to man kind. She is the beholder of all answers and she is who created us and what keeps us alive. If we keep showing her disrespect she will be the same person who destroys us as we cant up keep our earth of all its glory. The imbalance we continue to create and help destruct will be the end of life here on the land as we were put here to help nourish her and in return she will keep us safe and well.

If we don't protect her how can she protect us.

Keep her in mind and close to your heart as she is your earth mother, treat her the same as you worship any of the gods you pray for above.

It is her who holds the key, it is her that gives you life and it is her who will continue to give as long as we give back. Keep it simple be respectful to all the things you see, we are all equal and share the same purpose in life and that is to live in love peace and unity x